Salva salutes after scoring the equaliser, the last goal of the match. Marilú Báez
Malaga CF's former legends fight back to snatch 2-2 draw against AFE veterans

Malaga CF's former legends fight back to snatch 2-2 draw against AFE veterans

The Blue and Whites', with goals from Catanha and Salva, celebrated the 120th anniversary of football in Malaga city in style at La Rosaleda

Antonio Góngora


Monday, 27 May 2024, 12:06

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While Malaga CF travelled to Madrid to close out the season, the Blue and Whites' legends celebrated the 120th anniversary of football in the city with an entertaining 2-2 draw against the AFE veterans on Friday 24 May.

AFE got off to a quick start, silencing the home crowd, with goals from Capi and Tristán. But they were not enough to claim victory at La Rosaleda. Strikers Catanha and Salva neutralised the scoreline to earn a draw. Caballero's late save for the home side was a major contribution, ensuring Malaga CF salvaged at least a draw.

All of the home players, more than 30 of them, did a lap of the pitch after the match as a sign of gratitude to the fans who turned out for a truly legendary match.

The party kicked off with a large representation of the so-called 'Peiró boys' on the pitch. Sandro's touches, Movilla's lungs and Roteta's attacking runs were the highlights of a start in which Rafa had to intervene to prevent the AFE team, who had an in-form Kameni in goal, from taking the lead. But José Antonio Camacho's side persisted until Capi won the ball back and put the visitors ahead. There were several Malagueño and ex-Malaguistas in the team, including Sergio Sánchez, Catalayud, Juanlu, Aranda and the aforementioned Kameni.

However, the spectacle of the veterans continued under the watchful eye of the thousands of Malaguista fans, who didn't want to miss seeing their former idols in action. Tristán then extended the visitors' lead to make it 2-0.

A highlight for the home team was the substitution of Rafa, who on his way to the sideline, wore a historic shirt with the names of the Malaga CF season ticket holders, and to a standing ovation from the crowd. A few minutes later, the team's luck started to change with a great play by Gerardo, one of the best players in the match, which allowed Catahna to score.

During the second half, the home team upped its pressure and finally, Salva equalised with a header from a corner, with the match finishing 2-2.

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