Action from the Fuenlabrada versus Malaga game. AGENCIA LOF
Malaga CF are back to square one after embarrassing defeat

Malaga CF are back to square one after embarrassing defeat

Hundreds of travelling fans witnessed a heartless performance by the Blue and Whites, who hover just above the relegation zone


Saturday, 19 March 2022, 19:16


Malaga narrowly lost 1-0 to an unimpressive Fuenlabrada in southern Madrid this Saturday afternoon, 19 March , with the club now sitting just above relegation and undoing last week’s work.

The Blue and Whites came into this game knowing that a win would be a blow for Fuenlabrada, who were already deep in the relegation zone. Natxo González didn't shake up the starting eleven, though he decided to bring Kevin into the fold and also give youngster Andres Caro his first league start after impressing last week.

The game was fairly level from the off. Malaga kept a tight block and pressed their hosts well but weren't willing to risk too much. No one was brave enough to take full control, the ball often bouncing back and forth in possession.

Malaga's first real show of danger came in the 15th minute when Kevin hit the post from inside the six-yard box after a rapid counterattack. Things only got better for the Andalusians, who began to ramp up the pressure. But that pressure amounted to very little end product. Malaga, like last week, couldn't find the final ball that would allow them to finish off their attacks, and when they did, they lacked precision.

Nothing to show for

With no changes at half time, Malaga got to work straight away, as they came close to scoring twice within five minutes of the second half starting, though once again more precision was needed.

Malaga soon ran out of steam and Fuenlabrada slowly crept back into the game. The hosts had a couple of chances to go ahead, had it not been for solid defending on Malaga's part.

It wouldn't be long before Fuenlabrada took the lead. The hosts scored after Brandon wasted a one-on-one chance with the goalkeeper, which led to a counterattack easily finished by the Andalusian's opponents.

Despite making four changes to the team, Malaga were very poor for the rest of the game. They created next to nothing, as they made aimless passes going forwards that often ended up giving the hosts possesion of the ball.

And so, the game ended 1-0 to Fuenlabrada, which means that the Blue and Whites couldn't take advantage of the chance of putting more distance between them and the relegation zone. Malaga next play Huesca on 27 March at La Rosaleda.

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