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Listen to the new Malaga CF anthem by El Kanka and María Peláe

Created to commemorate the 120th anniversary of football in the city, it is an emotional song that appeals to the loyalty of the Blue and Whites' fans and their "inexplicable" passion, with an epic yet folkloric melody

Borja Gutiérrez

Friday, 17 May 2024, 20:46


The long-awaited new Malaga football anthem has been released. Composed by singer-songwriter El Kanka to commemorate the 120th anniversary of football in the city, it is performed along with another Malaga singer, María Peláe. The Orfeón Universitario de Málaga choir and the Málaga Symphony Orchestra also take part. It's an emotional song, which appeals to the loyalty of the Blue and Whites' fans and their "inexplicable" passion, with a traditional verdiales rhythm, an epic melody and sophisticated lyrics, but which aspires to be sung by the crowds in the Rosaleda stands.

The most striking thing at first listen is the clear homage to Malaga folklore, with the permanent rhythm of verdiales folk music, which, together with drums and other small percussion instruments, quickly immerses the listener in El Kanka's song. He accepted this commission from Malaga to come up with this anthem as a challenge, because he himself calls himself not much of a football fan. Even so, he has immersed himself in Malaga football culture, going to La Rosaleda stadium, and has allied himself with the strength of María Peláe.

In addition to the aforementioned performers, there are violins, guitars, a small string orchestra and the sound of the 'caña de verdiales', also represented in a kind of onomatopoeia which is the 'tracamatraca', and serves as a link from the beginning to the end. The different rhythms are also striking. It starts off with speed, which transports you to the climax of a match, to a fast move down the wing, and then slows down from the fourth verse onwards, when the chorus appears.

At this point the rhythm slows, as if trying to get the audience to dare to listen to it. And then it recovers its initial cadence. As for the lyrics, they allude to the difficulties of following Malaga, accustomed throughout its history to moments of suffering, like today, but in a hopeful tone.

"We've come to win, but we're going to celebrate even in defeat." On the other hand, it is noteworthy that the word Malaga is not mentioned at any point, although the word La Rosaleda stadium is.

Over the public address system at La Rosaleda this Saturday

It also reflects the family heritage of a fan base and loyalty to the team. "Today I caught my father crying at La Rosaleda...", sings María Peláe with great sensitivity. "The ball is in the air. We'll be back tomorrow to explain the inexplicable," sings El Kanka.

Time will tell to what extent it remains in the fans' imagination, and if it even competes with the long-standing anthem, 'Málaga, la Bombonera', which dates back to August 1973. For the moment, there's a lot of expectation to hear it on the public address system at La Rosaleda for this Saturday's match against Antequera (7pm). And the possibility of El Kanka and María Peláe performing it live on some occasion is still up in the air.

"I hope it will be warmly received by the fans"

Last March, when this initiative was announced, El Kanka, who has already come out of other similar commissions with success, such as when he composed the song 'Andalucía' to celebrate Andalucía Day, expressed his concerns.

"It has been a surprise assignment, because I have never been a football fan. But it is an important and difficult challenge for which I am very grateful. I did a field study to find out more about Malaga's history and what it means to its fans. I wanted the song to be beautiful, exciting, epic and to talk about what Malaga is. The truth is that I'm speechless. I hope I'm up to the task and that the fans receive it with affection. I'm very happy. I've done it with a lot of love," said El Kanka.

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