Aleix Febas runs with the ball during a Malaga counterattack. AGENCIA LOF
A slightly improved Malaga CF are handed their fourth defeat of the season

A slightly improved Malaga CF are handed their fourth defeat of the season

The Blue and Whites lost 1-0 to Huesca away from home and have so far picked up only three points from a possible 15

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Monday, 12 September 2022, 12:19


Malaga CF's underwhelming start to the league campaign continued on Sunday night, as the team were narrowly defeated 1-0 away at Huesca. It was a much-improved performance but not enough to gain anything, meaning that the club has taken only three points from a possible 15 so far this season.

The Blue and Whites showed more balance on the pitch but the team ultimately came away with nothing thanks to a tactical error and a lack of ideas in attack.

Head coach Pablo Guede stuck to his word and tried to play more on the wings; but just because you want to do it doesn't mean that you can.

Though Malaga only have two pure wingers, both on the bench, the Argentine coach played midfielders to occupy those positions instead in a 4-4-2 formation to match Huesca.

Similar priorities

However, Malaga proved to be a more cohesive unit than in the four opening games of the season, but Huesca were also lacklustre and hardly stood out. In reality, both sides' priority was to not make mistakes nor concede the opening goal.

There were more dangerous opportunities created in Huesca's half, but only when the Malaga players connected through the middle - which defeated the purpose of playing out wide.

Once again, Febas was the most best player for the Blue and Whites thanks to his sheer speed during counterattacks, even if the team lacked precision to finish moves off.

The goalless score at half-time was fair and perfectly encapsulated both the teams' poor capacity to create chances as well as their caution when going forward.

A mess in the middle

Malaga, who had taken the reins of the game towards the end of the opening 45 minutes, retained that control as the second half got under way. Malaga's inaccuracy in the final third of the pitch was the only thing that denied them clear cut chances.

Huesca's coach Ziganda, who could see how his side was suffering, decided to make a triple subsitution. The changes proved to be vital, as within three minutes the home side took the lead through a well-placed shot on the edge of the Malaga box. Febas wasn't quick enough to pick up Juan Carlos, whose goal opened and closed the scoring.

Guede eventually decided to bring on his two out-and-out wingers, but neither Haitam nor Hervías could connect with the three strikers nor with Malaga's middle men.

Huesca defended their lead with a five-man defence, but the Blue and Whites were incapable of creating any further chances as they kept tripping over themselves due to thei volume of players through the middle.

Malaga will next face Tenerife away from home on Monday 19 September at 9pm, as their search for points continues.

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