Pablo Guede during one of Malaga’s recent training sessions. PEPE ORTEGA
Guede’s challenge of keeping his 'effect'

Guede’s challenge of keeping his 'effect'

The Malaga CF coach aims to overcome the morale blow the team has suffered recently and improve on the progress they’ve made so far


Tuesday, 3 May 2022, 16:04


The loss of a crucial three-point advantage over the relegation zone has revived the dread of Malaga finishing in the bottom four, though the club are trying to stay calm. They still depend on themselves and are confident that the positive effect that Guede brought about can continue. That’s the Argentine’s main goal now: to keep the team afloat emotionally and on the pitch after the consecutive losses to Eibar and Las Palmas.

In order to do that, Pablo Guede insists on the plan he had when he took over last month, and that is to provide clarity and precision. And self-esteem. The coach is actively trying to avoid external factors that could distract the players from the bigger picture, such as observing what their relegation rivals are doing.

It was interesting to hear how Guede himself revealed, after the loss to Eibar, that he didn’t even know the outcome of Amorebieta’s loss to Real Sociedad B, which had been played earlier that day and would have given Malaga a massive boost.

His objective must be like tunnel vision: only looking at the road ahead to avoid any fear or distractions. On top of those foundations he’s convinced the players that they are more than capable, as youngster Ramón revealed a few weeks ago.

But that notion is at risk of disappearing, especially after their generally poor performance against Las Palmas, where the team were unconvincing.

Consequently, Guede is working closely with his players to improve and strengthen the areas where progress has been made under the Argentine. Their return to consisten goalscoring has also been a big step forwards, as well as their agressiveness and high workrate. Malaga will really need to tap into those two elements to save their season.




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