Toroitich and Nyaguthii, the winners of the previous edition. Media Maratón de Málaga
Malaga Half Marathon judged third best in Spain by World Athletics

Malaga Half Marathon judged third best in Spain by World Athletics

The event, which returns to the city streets in March, is surpassed only by Valencia and Barcelona in the rankings

Nacho Carmona


Monday, 8 January 2024, 14:50


Malaga's Half Marathon has experienced some remarkable growth in recent times. Last October witnessed one of its most successful editions, shattering records in both categories and boasting significant participation numbers, with over 4,000 athletes donning their race numbers to take part.

However, the accolades don't end there. World Athletics, the foremost athletics organisation globally, has now compiled a ranking assessing the quality of Spain's half marathons. In it, Malaga has secured third spot with an impressive score of 9,461.

It falls just behind Valencia (awarded 10,853 points) and Barcelona (with 10,076 points). Seville, in seventh with a score of 9,176, is the only other Andalusian city that comes close.

Unique characteristics

The reason for such a high ranking are the unique characteristics that set it apart. It holds the distinction of being the half marathon with the fewest curves across the entire continent, featuring just seven bends.

What's more, the records set in the latest edition by Kenyan runner Geoffrey Toroitich (59:13) and compatriot Caroline Nyaguthii (1h 07:36) position the Malaga Half Marathon among the top five fastest in the country and within the twenty fastest in Europe.

New date

As a result, all signs point to the event breaking its registration record in the upcoming 2024 edition, slated for 10 March.

This year, the event reverts to its original date, in the early months of the year, meaning that there are just over two months left until it takes place.

So far, registrations have already surpassed 3,000 participants, indicating a promising turnout.

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