Malaga striker Torralvo fights for the ball. / ÑITO SALAS

Malaga women's cup run comes to an end

The Blue and Whites ended their five-month, unbeaten run as they were knocked out by Rayo Vallecano at La Rosaleda on Wednesday


Malaga's women team were knocked out of the Copa de la Reina on Wednesday evening, losing 2-0 at La Rosaleda to first division side Rayo Vallecano. The hosts put on a brave display of football but their five-month, unbeaten run came to an end.

Malaga, who were the only third-tier team left in the competition, did very well to hold their own. The Blue and Whites were impeccable in defence in the opening half, keeping a clean sheet despite their opponents many attempts at breaking the deadlock. Rayo, whose game plan was clearly to score as soon as possible, had five clear chances on goal. But they either hit or skimmed the woodwork, or were saved miraculously off the line by defender Silvia Mérida or by goalkeeper María Arrabal, who also proved to be instrumental in Malaga's previous cup tie.

Malaga decided to be more daring in the second half, as they felt they could score. However, that left the backline worse off, and playing against a top side means that it can take advantage of the smallest of chances.

And that's exactly what Rayo did. They opened the scoring with half an hour to go, and Malaga's motivation wasn't affected, as there was more than enough time to pull one back. But the visitors would double their lead just three minutes later, effectively ending the game, knocking Malaga out and ending their unbeaten run.