Davidovich, in action. / ATP

Davidovich defeated in the tennis clay season opener after chaos in Marrakesh

The Andalusian was inconsistent and hasty as he fell to Federico Coria at the Open in what was a badly-organised tournament


Alejandro Davidovich still hasn't hit the ground running in 2022. The Rincón de la Victoria local was defeated by Federico Coria at the poorly-organised Marrakesh Open, the first tournament of the clay season, a surface which the Andalusian usually thrives on.

This latest loss puts Davidovich's record this year at four wins and nine defeats. The Andalusian, currently ranked 45th, faced an easier opponent on paper (Coria is 60th) and he had a favourable draw that would have made it easier for him to do well and gain momentum.

After a lack of concentration in the opening set - which he lost 7-5 and prompted an unnecessary argument with the umpire - he reacted well and won the second set 6-3, but it seemed to be for nothing as he slowed his rythm and lacked discipline, finding himself 5-1 down in the third set.

By the time he realised what was happening, it was too late, losing 6-4. Over two hours of fruitless effort on the court, a prisoner of his own inconsistency. In tennis, a lack of concentration has dire consequences.

Chaos in Marrakesh

The chaos witnessed in Marrakesh is also worth noting. Courts were huddled together and without separating elements - no curtains or nets - which led to balls landing from different matches, surfaces in a bad state, legions of people walking around the court during the breaks, a physio who entered the court when not told to and lots of noise during matches.

A total disaster that leaves a lot to be desired and that paints other Challenger tournaments, such as the recently celebrated Andalucia Open in Marbella, in a much better light.