Machuca's shot on goal that was Torremolinos' best chance in the first half. / ÑITO SALAS

Copa del Rey football: Torremolinos crash out against top-flight Sevilla FC

The Costa del Sol side never let their pace drop, but Sevilla's quality shone through


Torremolinos did not disappoint on their big night on Wednesday though they lost 0-3. They gave their all, showed pace from start to finish and maintained a high tempo until the last moment, but they had little chance of reaching the last 32 of the Copa del Rey. Sevilla FC avoided experimenting in the line-up and showed their quality in keeping control.

Despite some absentees, the Sevilla side fielded a fairly recognisable line-up and were determined not to relax. Ibón Arrieta's team had few chances in the first half, with the defence moving forward as close to the half-way line as possible. Álex Machuca managed a shot on goalsbut his effort was blocked by Dmitrovic.

Torremolinos played bravely, with intense pressure, but couldn't match Sevilla's considerable resources. Their coach, Jorge Sampaoli, played three centre-backs with no clear left-back. He moved Rafa Mir to the wing, but the striker remained in a winger's position and did not drop deep. Long deliveries to the wings by the central midfielders did Torremolinos a lot of damage, forcing the home side back, repeatedly.

While Sevilla did not have a centre-forward, they were able to rely on the talented Carlos Álvarez, who has already shown his class in the Youth League. Their first goal (31 minutes) saw Carlos Álvarez finish off a Rafa Mir cross, from a rebound after Zarco had made a great save from a shot by Jesús Navas.

After the break, Arrieta put Javi Forján on to make use of his strength. Torremolinos' onslaught lasted ten minutes, but Sevilla defended heavily before a second goal, from centre-back Dani Fernández's own goal after a cross by Rafa Mir.

A dubious offside decision in the 62nd minute by Javi Forján, at 0-2, prevented Ibón Arrieta's side from getting back into the game just before Pescador came on. Gerrit and Carlos Cano were also brought on in the last fifteen minutes to keep up the pace.

A third goal from Sevilla in extra time was an undeserved punishment for the Torremolinos side.