Lawyer Francisco Valverde (centre).
Lawyer Francisco Valverde (centre). / B. G.

Minority shareholders' case against Sheikh Al-Thani sees progress in the courts

  • The Malaga CF owner is accused of improper management and misappropriation of funds in a criminal case

A Malaga court has agreed to take on a criminal case launched by Malaga CF's Association of Minority Shareholders against the club's owner Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani.

The group, represented by lawyer Francisco Valverde, accuse the Qatari sheikh of improper management of the club and misappropriation of funds. They want Al-Thani and his children, who have until the end of the week to respond, to be removed from the management of the club.

The court has also requested information from Malaga CF regarding their accounts and asked the public prosecution for a report into potentially placing the club into temporary judicial administration.

This case has become the focus of attention in recent weeks after efforts to encourage Al-Thani to sell his stake in the club have ground to a halt. The minority shareholders have the support of the city hall, as well as the provincial and regional governments though they are yet to formally declare their position.