Hamyan Al-Thani, the sheikh's right-hand woman at Malaga

Hamyan Al-Thani at the match against Cordoba .
Hamyan Al-Thani at the match against Cordoba . / S. SALAS
  • When in Malaga she goes to the offices at the club every day, makes some decisions of her own and explains others, which facilitates the work of the staff in the departments

  • The owner's daughter, who is playing an increasingly important role, was very involved with the process of signing new players this summer

During the time Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani has been in charge of Malaga (just over eight years) there have been several changes to his 'right-hand men', the ones who mediate between the club and its president when decisions are made.

These positions always used to be held by professionals contracted by the sheikh, until the arrival of his son Nasser, who was appointed vice-president and CEO. Then came Nayef and Rakan (they are all, with Al-Thani, on the board of directors), and finally Hamyan, his 27-year-old daughter, who qualified in International Business in London, and later took charge of the women's team and the Academy. Over time, she has become the sheikh's 'right-hand woman', who makes her own decisions in some circumstances, or announces others.

A year ago, in an interview, she told us that her father always has the final word and he tells her and her brothers what decisions he has taken, but things appear to have been changing. Thanks to her dedication to the club, Hamyan plays an increasingly important role; sources there say she is key to the everyday running of the club, and remains involved even during the time she spends away from Malaga.

She was most recently seen at the match against Cordoba last month. Her brother the vice-president was there as the principal representative, but she was at his side. She also goes to the women's matches and Malagueño (Malaga's B team) games, among others.

Hamyan is not on the board of directors but she was involved in nearly all the signing arrangements this summer, of which there were many, keeping in close contact with her father and brothers.

For some time now she has had the power to sign contracts and participate in the chain of command, although it is now that she is making the most use of her position. In fact, until a few days ago she had not been officially registered as a company representative in the Official Bulletin of the Mercantile Registry (BORME). Now she has an increasingly active presence in the decision-making chain, placing her high up in the running of the company. She also has Sheikh Al-Thani's full confidence.

Constant presence

Hamyan constantly participates in events associated with the club and her presence in the offices is said to facilitate the work of the staff, who find her helpful in getting things done. When in Malaga she holds regular meetings with the main heads of departments to find solutions to prevent delays or added problems. Because Hamyan communicates directly with the sheikh, it facilitates matters which, in other circumstances, might take too long.

She is, without a doubt, a valuable asset as far as the owners, who are her family, father and brothers, are concerned.

During her long absence, although she never lost contact with the club, the situation became more difficult for those working in the offices. They were overwhelmed at times, and there was very little activity at the height of the signing period, leading to fears that Malaga would be late in terms of planning. In the end they signed Caminero and, shortly afterwards, Juan Ramón Muñiz; the problems began to be sorted and a new team could be drawn up, with quite a few changes.

It is expected that from now on everything will continue positively as it has so far, regardless of the results of the first team, with Hamyan there as the sheikh's right-hand woman to help manage the club.

For good or for bad, and there are probably those who hold different views on that, Hamyan is now an important figure for Malaga CF.