Spanish fashion chain Zara to launch pre-owned clothing sales platform in UK

Spanish fashion chain Zara to launch pre-owned clothing sales platform in UK

The Inditex group will be testing the scheme from 3 November, and the website will also enable people to request alterations, sell unwanted items or donate them to charity

Almudena Nogués


Wednesday, 26 October 2022, 17:16

Spanish fashion giant Inditex is about to go into the second-hand clothing market, one of the few pools into which the company has not yet dipped a toe. And it is doing so with one of its best-known names, with a Zara Pre-Owned platform aimed for UK customers which will launch on 3 November. As well as selling pre-loved clothing, it will offer alterations and a channel to donate used items to help those in need.

In a statement, the multinational said this is another step towards its commitment to sustainability and a circular economy and it intends to move into other markets, although it will initially be testing this particular platform in the UK to see the response.

Zara Pre-Owned will be available in shops, on the Internet and mobile app, and it will enable clients to make “more sustainable” decisions with regard to pre-worn clothing. They will also be able to request alterations, no matter which season the items are from, and these can include everything from replacing buttons and zips to mending seams.

Sales and donations

There will also be a secure channel for people who want to sell items of Zara clothing. This process will be directly from one customer to another, and any item from past seasons can be sold. The company will provide them with “a technological service and reliable customer service,” it said.

The advertised items will be organised by type of product with a photo provided by the seller and information about the original item from Zara.

Through the platform clients will also be able to request a collection of used clothes from their home so they can be donated to Cruz Roja, the Spanish Red Cross, which gives new life to products by reusing or recycling them to support projects in local communities.



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