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When do the January 2024 sales start at the main fashion chains in Spain?

When do the January 2024 sales start at the main fashion chains in Spain?

Find out when the winter sales start at the stores of Zara, El Corte Inglés and Mango, among others



Wednesday, 3 January 2024, 10:55


The holiday season is known for gatherings and festivities with loved ones, but it is also associated with sales and big discounts at the shops of the main fashion chains in Spain . Unlike in decades gone by, sales no longer attract the massive crowds of people looking for bargains. Nowadays, it is possible to find good prices at different times of the year, although the January sales are still a major milestone in the retail shopping calendar.

What day do the winter sales start?

Based on previous years, the winter sales are expected to kick off across the board on 7 January . Although some online shops may open ahead of schedule, offering deals from the evening of 6 January.

When do the sales start at Zara?

Zara's sales will officially start on 7 January. However, they will open on the evening of 6 January on its website for some products, judging by previous strategies of Amancio Ortega's company.

What day does the Mango sale start?

Mango forgets the traditional January dates and usually brings its sales forward, sometimes to even before the end of the year. Generally, at the end of December, those who are members of the fashion label can access special offers. It is usual for the general public to have to wait a little longer and they usually start around 3 January .

What day do the sales start at El Corte Inglés?

Also in line with what has happened in previous years, the winter sales at El Corte Inglés will begin on 7 January, with the company remaining faithful to the most traditional date for these big discounts. Even so, store card members usually receive promotional offers in the days before and members of the public who go to the shops earlier may find lower prices a few days before the official start on selected items.

What dates do the January sales start?

  • Zara: 6 and 7 January

  • Handle: 3 January

  • El Corte Inglés: 7 January

  • Shein: 6 January

  • H&M: 28 December

  • Lefties: 7 January

  • Oysho: 7 January

  • Sfera: 7 January

  • Stradivarius: 7 January

  • Bershka: 7 January

When does the Shein sale start?

Based on what happened at the beginning of 2023, Shein is expected to start its sales on 6 January. As usual, the brand offers big discounts at this time of the year.

What date does the H&M sale start?

All the major fashion brands that are taking part in the winter sales put a large part of their catalogue on sale at reduced prices.

H&M was due to launch its sales on 28 December , while customers of Cortefiel. Lefties, Oysho, Sfera, Stradivarius, Bershka will have to wait until 6 and 7 January for their sales.

Consumer rights

Spain's OCU consumers and users association has offered advice on how to make purchases in the sales. The first thing that the OCU recommends to the consumer is to try to avoid compulsive purchases, making lists of what is really needed and writing down the price that the products have now, in order to be able to check if the price of the product has really dropped (and by how much) in the coming days.

Another OCU tip is to always keep the purchase receipt; which is vital to be able to claim a refund later. However, the organisation remnds that, in the case of any returns, physical stores are not obliged to accept them, unless there is a defect. Online purchases do have a legal withdrawal period of 14 days, during which it is not necessary to justify the reason for the return.

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