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What is the best time to see tonight’s ‘Wolf Moon’

What is the best time to see tonight’s ‘Wolf Moon’

Also known as the 'Ice Moon' or 'Cold Moon' it is the first full moon of 2022


Monday, 17 January 2022, 18:14


Astronomy fans in Spain are counting down the hours and minutes to enjoy a sighting of the first full moon of 2022.

It is commonly known as the 'Wolf Moon', but where is the name from? Experts believe that it has its origin in the Native American tribes, who named it so because when the Earth’s satellite appeared the wolves came out of their burrows and their howling could be loudly heard. In addition, the beasts took advantage of its light to hunt.

The astrological phenomenon is also called 'Ice Moon' or 'Cold Moon', because it occurs in the middle of winter, when thermometers record their lowest values in the northern hemisphere.

This full moon will actually be at its best in Spain on the morning of Tuesday, 18 January, at 0:48 am, placing it under the sign of Cancer.


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