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Weather experts confirm arrival of El Niño is getting closer, but what does it mean for Spain?

Weather experts confirm arrival of El Niño is getting closer, but what does it mean for Spain?

State weather agency Aemet has issued a warning about the likely effects of the natural meteorological phenomenon

Isabel Méndez


Monday, 17 April 2023, 11:39


The steady rise in temperatures has climate experts worried about the possible arrival of an El Niño weather event which would see temperatures in Spain increase like never before.

La Niña and El Niño are natural phenomena that affect the earth's climate from the Pacific Ocean. La Niña cools those waters and subsequently the rest of the planet, while El Niño does the opposite, warming them. They occur in a cycle, with the first event between February and May and its successor from the summer months onwards, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

They have a big influence on the climatic conditions in various parts of the planet, including the European continent and, consequently, Spain. It is feared that this summer a further rise in temperatures could cause real havoc internationally.

Spain's state meteorological agency (Aemet) has predicted: "It seems that the probability of the arrival of El Niño this summer is becoming increasingly likely”.

“This is a matter of interest due to its repercussions on the global climate,” Aemet pointed out on Twitter.

The agency also referenced a report issued by NOAA which stated that there was a 62% chance of El Niño conditions developing during the May-June period, while the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in March predicted a 55% chance of that happening between June and August.

El Niño is characterised by fluctuating ocean temperatures in the central and eastern part of the equatorial Pacific, which then causes changes in the atmosphere.

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