Video | New volcano 'mouth' starts spewing lava on La Palma

Another 50 earthquakes have been recorded on the island, according to Spain’s National Geographical Institute


A new volcanic ‘mouth’ has opened up, to the northeast of the main cone of the La Palma volcano, that is emitting pyroclastic material and contributing more material to the lava flows, Ithaiza Domínguez, a member of Spain’s National Geographical Institute (IGN) has reported.

It appeared in the early hours of Sunday morning, at around 3am, and it is being analysed by experts on the island.

Another 50 earthquakes have also been reported, of which 45 were recorded in the intermediate zone, at depths of between 10 and 15 kilometres, and five of them were registered at depths between 20 and 40 kilometres, according to Rubén López, a volcanologist at the IGN.

Several of a magnitude greater than 3 were registered, four of them felt by the population, three of them with intensity III and the fourth with intensity III-IV, according to data published by the IGN.