There are a few changes in next year's vaccination schedule. E.P.
Spain's Ministry of Health announces its vaccination schedule for 2023

Spain's Ministry of Health announces its vaccination schedule for 2023

Next year boys over the age of 12 will also receive the vaccine against Human Papilloma Virus as well as girls

Raquel Merino


Wednesday, 21 December 2022, 07:49


Spain’s calendar of vaccinations for the year 2023 has just been approved, and applies to everyone resident in the country who is eligible for treatment under the Spanish Health Service. Next year there will be some changes, as follows:

Invasive Meningococcal Disease

First, parents are advised to have their children vaccinated against against Invasive Meningococcal Disease (IMD) because of the severity of the illness and its consequences. In Andalucía, the vaccination against Meningitis B is given to all babies in three doses, when they are two, four and 15 months old, against Meningitis C at four months and Meningitis ACWY at 12 months and 12 years old.


Next year the Vaccination Calendar also includes a flu jab for children aged between six months and four years 11 months old.

Herpes Zoster

The third vaccine to be incorporated next year is against Herpes Zoster, for the over-65s. This illness is particularly prevalent in the over-50s and especially in women.

Human Papilloma Virus

The final change in 2023 is that the vaccination against Human Papilloma Virus is recommended for boys as well as girls. From January, all children over the age of 12 will receive this vaccine in two doses, with a six month gap in-between.

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