The devices can be used on all vehicles, no matter how old they are. / sur

All vehicles in Spain will have to carry geolocation emergency warning beacons from 2026

The V-16 devices will be compulsory and the current versions of the lights and traditional warning triangles will be things of the past


From 1 January 2026 drivers who need to warn others of an emergency in Spain will have to use a warning light device which includes a connectivity system. It means that in just over three years the current warning lights and the traditional emergency triangles will be things of the past.

In the event of an accident or breakdown the devices, called V16 beacons, will send details of the vehicle’s location to the Directorate-General for Traffic’s DGT 3.0 Cloud every 100 seconds once activated, and the information can be picked up quickly by other connected vehicles.

Improved road safety and mobility

Jorge Ordás, the deputy general manager of the DGT, is looking forward to the new measure coming into force because it will improve road safety and mobility.

“You won’t have to get out of your vehicle to set warning triangles out, you will be visible at a distance of one kilometre, your coordinates will be notified to the DGT and shared with other navigators, APPs and connected vehicles and these V16 beacons can by used by all vehicles, no matter how old they are,” he explained.

Nor will there be a fee for this connectivity, because “every beacon will come with the connectivity prepaid for at least 12 years”.