Emergency services at the scene this Friday morning. Europa Press

Twin sisters die after falling from a sixth-floor window in Spain

The 12-year-olds were Russian nationals, and police have already ruled out the involvement of third parties in their deaths in Oviedo

Rosalía Agudín / Paz De Alvear


Friday, 19 May 2023, 19:38


Oviedo, a city in the northwest of Spain, is in official mourning today (Friday 19 May) and tomorrow after the deaths of 12-year-old twin sisters of Russian nationality and students at the La Ería state school. According to the initial investigations, both fell from a sixth floor window into a light well in Calle Facetos. The National Police force, which received the call just after nine in the morning, is investigating this "tragic event" where "apparently there was no involvement by third parties."

The young girls, who lived on the fourth floor of the building with their parents and a 10-year-old brother, who attends the same school, died instantly. When the health services arrived, "nothing could be done to save their lives," said National Police inspector and spokesperson, Pedro Aguado. Both the mother and the father of the girls have needed psychological assistance. The latter was the one who alerted the neighbours with his screams and had to be transferred to the Central University Hospital of Asturias (HUCA).

Forensic officers are currently working at the scene. The city mayor, Alfredo Canteli, announced two days of mourning, the postponement of the official opening of the La Ascensión fair and the suspension of political party election campaign events.

The two girls "were very close and always did everything together," according to those who knew them. They were "good students" and "very integrated", they added. Today, after not showing up in class and the news spreading like wildfire, pupils and teachers are receiving psychological help from Red Cross professionals.

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