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Show goes on after trapeze artist survives fall from 'wheel of death' at Madrid circus

The performer fell from a height of around seven metres in front of the live audience at the weekend, but other acts continued after a 40-minute delay

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Monday, 6 March 2023

A trapeze artist with the Circo Quiros, is recovering after falling from a height of around seven metres during a performance of his show 'the wheel of death' in front of an audience on Saturday, 4 March, in Madrid.

The performer lay motionless on the ground for several minutes and colleagues feared for his life. After the accident, emergency services - including paramedics, Local and National Police officers - rushed to the scene.

The 'wheel of death' show consists of a rotating wheel on which two trapeze artists walk, skip ropes and do different acrobatics, said the circus.

Waved from stretcher

After an almost 40-minute break the other circus acts continued. «It is live and it is the greatest show in the world,» said the trapeze artist after being cheered with a standing ovation from the Madrid audience and to which he responded by waving from the stretcher.

The trapeze artist was transferred to the Hospital 12 de Octubre, where underwent several tests and, after four hours of observation, was released.

«They risk their lives in every show», said a circus spokesperson, highlighting the effort that each of the artists puts into every show. Luckily, the accident that the circus has described as a «miracle» resulted in ten stitches on the chin and several bruises to the performer. The spokesperson added that the trapeze artist is already looking forward to returning to work in the ring of the Gran Circo Quiros, a traditional show that plays next to the Islazul Shopping Centre in Madrid until 26 March.



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