Thousands of euros in pesetas found hidden during building work are now worthless

The money, which was the equivalent of 54,000 euros, was found in an old jar of Nesquik


What Antonio Piñeiro never imagined was that in the course of the work to do up his rundown new home in Galicia he would come across nine million pesetas (54,000 euros) hidden in Nesquik powder jars in different places.

The containers appeared in different batches. In the first one, he found five million pesetas (about 30,000 euros) which came in "very handy, as it was a great help in restoring the roof of the house". But he has not been so lucky in the second find, which was much more recent, as since July 2021 the Bank of Spain has not been exchanging pesetas for euros.

The Bank of Spain has told Antonio that there is no chance of a swap and the money is worthless.