This is the video of a swimmer in Spain whose unique way of getting out of a pool has gone viral
Viral video

This is the video of a swimmer in Spain whose unique way of getting out of a pool has gone viral

Neither 14-year-old Alaia Pocero nor the Deportiva Nautica swimming club expected the footage to have received more than 3.5 million views. "We're freaking out," they said

Diana Martínez


Tuesday, 26 September 2023, 17:45

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There are different ways of getting out of a swimming pool, either by means of a ladder or without one. But Alaia Pocero, a 14-year-old girl from Portugalete, a town lying to the west of Bilbao in the province of Biscay in the Basque Country, northern Spain, has developed a unique style that has made her go viral.

The swimmer, who belongs to the Deportiva Náutica club, shows off her feat by leaving the water with a 360-degree turn of her body. It is not difficult for her to do, but it has surprised thousands and thousands of internet users, as the video posted on the club's Instagram account has reached 3.5 million views and is growing.

@elcorreo_com La nadadora de Portugalete y su original forma de salir de la piscina se hacen virales 🏊‍♀️ Alaia Pocero, una joven deportista de 14 años de Portugalete, dio un giro de 360 grados a su cuerpo para salir de la piscina con el que ha superado ya los 200.000 ‘me gusta’ en la cuenta Instagram del club deportivo. 🎥 La grabó su entrenador justo en su momento distendido, aunque la deportista ya ha concretado no suele salir de esta manera del agua. Prefiere el método tradicional 📲 Comparte este vídeo y reta a tus amigos a que prueben a salir así de la piscina #natación #competicion #portugalete #entrenamiento #noticiastiktok ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

Although Pocero does not usually get out of the swimming pool in this way, only when she decides to relax and have fun outside the competition environment, her skill makes her the star of a video recorded by her coach that has gone viral. Since the five-second clip was shared on social media, the club's profile has been gaining views, followers, comments and likes from all over the world, including Portugal and the United States. "It has gone international," exclaimed the surprised young protagonist, who mentions that normally the videos published by the club have at most "a hundred 'likes'". And at the moment, the latest video had already had more than 188,380 'likes' and 500 comments. "Nobody expected that," she added.

Pocero, who loves swimming butterfly style, usually trains for "two or three hours" every day of the week. The young swimmer doesn't use this technique very often because "the pool edges aren't usually flush with the water", she explained to SUR's sister newspaper El Correo . However, "it wasn't very difficult to learn and perfect because all the swimmers are very used to doing flips in competitions, so it's easy for us to get out like this."

The video was made after one of the pre-season training sessions at the Portugalete outdoor pool, in a "moment of relaxation", and nobody expected this success in the social media networks, said Javier Doval, treasurer of Deportiva Náutica, a club with 200 athletes and which this year celebrated its 75th anniversary. "We were very surprised, we are freaking out," he added.

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