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This is the ranking of passports that allow you to travel freely to more countries around the world

This is the ranking of passports that allow you to travel freely to more countries around the world

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Spain's travel identity document ranks in joint third place for most useful to possess allowing hassle-free travel to 191 destinations. The full list of 199 passports from countries around the world can be found in the article...

Pilar Martínez


Wednesday, 19 April 2023, 17:47


A Spanish passport is considered to be one of the most useful to possess for hassle-free travel. According to the Henley passport index, the original and authoritative ranking of all the world's passports according to the number of destinations their holders can access without a visa, the best passports to hold in Europe are those from Spain and Germany.

Having a Spanish passport allows you to travel to 191 destinations without a visa. But it also ranks third in the world, after Japan and Singapore, with which you can access 193 countries, followed by South Korea, which ranks second in the world with free access to 192 destinations.

With historical data spanning 18 years, Henley's passport index includes 199 different passports and 227 different travel destinations. The list shows the strength of European countries, which, after the first two places, make up the top ten of this ranking. Finland, Italy and Luxembourg follow Spain and Germany in fourth place, with 190 destinations, and Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden and Austria share fifth place, as their passport holders can travel to 189 destinations worldwide without a visa. In addition, the United Kingdom together with France, Ireland and Portugal rank sixth respectively.

Outside Europe, the United States and Australia are in seventh and eighth place together with other European countries, respectively. Lithuania and Slovakia close the tenth position, with freedom to travel to 184 destinations.

At the bottom of the list are Iraq and Syria with passports that allow visa-free access to fewer than 30 destinations worldwide.

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