This is why you should always carefully check your change in Spain

The Guardia Civil issued the warning about the latest scam on its official social media channels


Spain’s Guardia Civil has taken to its official Twitter account to warn the public of the latest scam it has detected. This is the identification of several coins in circulation that are not what they seem, since although they are similar to those of a legal tender one-euro coin, their real value is much lower.

The police force said the coins are being distributed by professional swindlers, since the shape, weight and colour (gold outer band and silver centre) is almost identical to the original.

"They look like euros, but they are foreign currencies whose value is much lower," warn the authorities.

Among them are the twenty Jamaican dollar coin (equivalent to 0.11 euros), the five peso coin from the Dominican Republic (0.076 euros), the one Venezuelan bolívar (0.19 euros) or the one Argentine peso (0. 0084).

Recently, the Guardia Civil also warned of another scam with the two-euro coins. In this case, the fraudsters passed off the Thai baht, the Egyptian pound, the 100 Chilean pesos or the Bulgarian lev, all of them with a similar appearance, but with a lower value than the legal coin.