Barquera de Filandón during the championship. J. M. M.
This is Barquera de Filandón, the best Spanish mastiff in the world

This is Barquera de Filandón, the best Spanish mastiff in the world

The top dog took first place at the World Dog Show held in Switzerland

El Norte

El Norte


Wednesday, 30 August 2023, 15:02


Several Spanish mastiff dogs from the province of León, in the north of Spain, have continued to pick up international awards. But this time the prize is the highest one can aspire to. Barquera de Filandón, exhibited by breeder José Manuel Moncó, has been proclaimed absolute world champion of the breed.

The recognition was delivered at the prestigious World Dog Show, the canine world championship that took place in Geneva (Switzerland).

Diploma accrediting Barquera de Filandón as the best Spanish Mastiff in the world.

Barquera de Filandón obtained the maximum score from the judges with the highest rating of excellent, a result that marks the bitch as the world champion within the Spanish Mastiff breed.

Serena de los Zumbos, world champion in the junior category.
Laura Domínguez and Tarzán de Valdehuida.

In the young mastiff category, two world champion awards also went to León province. The female winner was Serena de los Zumbos, a bitch bred by Mario Alonso Martínez from León and owned by Álex Langa, originally from Granada. On the other hand, in the young male category, the prize went to Tarzán de Valdehuida, owned by Laura Domínguez from Olleros de Sabero.


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