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These are the most-wanted national and international criminals in Spain at the moment

Spanish police have launched a campaign asking the public for help in locating them, but warn that some are extremely dangerous. Included on the list is Derek McGraw Ferguson (top left), who is wanted for manslaughter in Glasgow


They are the Top 10 of Spain, the ten most-wanted national and international criminals believed to be in this country at present, and the National Police have now launched a campaign to ask for help from the public in finding them.

Their profiles are very different. Some have been on the run for more than 15 years, others only recently. From murderers, child rapists, the heads of networks specialising in the trafficking of women to the biggest counterfeiter of money in the country.

Anyone who has any information which might help to locate any of them can contact the police in confidence by emailing, or by phoning 091.

The photos, from left to right and from top to bottom, show who the police are looking for.

Derek McGraw Ferguson

Wanted for manslaughter. He is said to have shot a waiter in the chest in the car park of a pub in Glasgow, Scotland. Investigators believe two men were involved; the other was found dead weeks later in an oil drum in the River Clyde.

Manuel Bellido Moreno

Sentenced to nine years in prison for issuing and distributing counterfeit money. He has easy access to equipment used to falsify documents, making it more difficult to identify him.

Manuel Herrero Muñoz

Accused of murdering a man in Mexico City and hiding his body in an oil drum filled with cement in a cellar. He is 33 years old, 1.75 metres tall and is slimly-built.

Norbert Kohler

Wanted for drug trafficking and money laundering. He also formed part of a gang who carried out robberies in the Czech Republic in 2000 and 2001. He is 1.86m tall, has blue eyes and is considered extremely dangerous. Could be armed.

Nikolay Shterev Kurkuchev

Believed to be the head of a major international drug-trafficking gang consisting of Colombians, Bulgarians and Spanish nationals. He is dangerous and could be armed.

Luis Martínez Calleja

A known criminal who specialises in robberies with violence. Escaped when being transferred from prison to a hospital in Madrid on 9 March 2014. Extremely aggressive in the presence of police and has attacked officers on numerous occasions.

Ramón Saavedra López

Accused of manslaughter. He went with others to the home of his boss because he had not been paid 200 euros. Wearing balaclava helmets and gloves, they attacked him as he arrived home and one of the group strangled him to death.

Viviana Andrea Vallejo Gutiérrez

Facilitated the arrival of women to Spain and then forced them into prostitution to pay off the debt. Ran several brothels and trafficked cocaine from the same premises. Police say she is highly dangerous.

Diego Darío González Ghersi

Wanted for alleged sexual offences against his daughter over a five-year period. He is 1.70m tall and has dark eyes, tattoos on both legs and arms and his back. Could have a piercing in his left eyebrow.

Tom Michielsen / Tom Richard / Diane Michielsen / Vermeiren or Heinrich Schmidt

This Belgian national uses many different names. He is wanted for drug and weapons trafficking and money laundering. Considered dangerous as he could possess firearms. Normal complexion and blue eyes.