These are the cheapest electricity tariffs this month, according to a leading consumer association in Spain
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These are the cheapest electricity tariffs this month, according to a leading consumer association in Spain

The OCU has claimed that the best deals are quite often 'hidden' on the websites of the country's power supply companies

Raquel Merino


Wednesday, 24 April 2024, 14:34


Spain's Organisation of Consumers and Users association (OCU) periodically carries out a check to find out which are currently the best electricity tariffs from the main players in the energy supply market.

As the organisation pointed out, companies often advertise "little or nothing" about some offers "so don't expect them to provide you with them by going to a physical office and, on occasions, not even by browsing their website".

The best electricity tariffs highlighted by the OCU in its April analysis are those of Clarity Energy and Energía Nufri.

Clarity Energy offers fairly cheap tariffs in both the three-period and 24-hour fixed price modes. However, the OCU pointed out that to find the best offers, you have to use this link, although it changes every month.

Your best plans this month are: Fixed Tariff 2.0. (price per kW contracted in peak hours: 25.4020 euros /year and in off-peak hours: 0.986 euros /year); Fixed Energy Flex 3P (price per kWh consumed in peak hours is 0.167003 euros; flat, 0.112211 euros, and off-peak, 0.080814 euros); Fixed Energy Flex 1P (price per kWh consumed 24 hours: 0.113251 euros). Positives: no permanence. The negative: Clarity Energy reviews its tariffs quarterly and the prices indicated above do not include the financing of the 'bono social' (electricity bill discount).

Energía Nufri shows "expensive tariffs" on its website, according to the OCU, but they can be made cheaper with certain codes, specifically Nufri25 and, even better, CN024, which makes the final tariffs attractive and valid for one year.

Energía Nufri offers a tariff with a single price 24 hours a day (price for each kWh consumed 0.108429 euros) and another with three time slots: Consumo Tarifa Trío (price for each kWh consumed during peak hours 0.157274 euros; during flat hours 0.103645 euros, and during off-peak hours 0.074111 euros. All of them share the same prices for the contracted power and do not have permanence.

The OCU also pointed out the option of the regulated PVPC tariff as an alternative is becoming increasingly plausible, whatever the company. This is because, during the first quarter of 2024, the price of electricity has trended downwards and, as a tariff indexed to these wholesale prices, the consumer organisation considers "the PVPC already competes with the best offers on the free market".

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