This is the Spanish town that Mick Jagger has fallen in love with, according to the British press. Pep Dalmau
The Spanish town endorsed by The Sun and also loved by Mick Jagger

The Spanish town endorsed by The Sun and also loved by Mick Jagger

The Rolling Stones singer was enchanted by this small Spanish town, as have other celebrities such as Shakira, Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa

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Friday, 12 April 2024, 13:26


Spain is one of the favourite countries of many foreigners , who choose this country to switch off for their holidays. To put a number on that, more than 85 million tourists visited Spain in 2023, placing it second in the world to received most visitors. The same goes for the top VIPs to visit, they too find the Iberian Peninsula to be a perfect union of gastronomy, beauty and tranquillity, ideal for them to leave behind the stressful routines that beset their lives of fame.

However, the celebrities who visit Spain are not looking for the tourist attractions of the big cities, rather many of them prefer the charm of less well-known villages and small towns that have won them over. This has now been revealed by British newspaper The Sun as, during one of its regular reviews of tourist destinations, it talked about a small town that has won the hearts of some big-named personalities such as Mick Jagger .

It is the town of Cadaqués (Gerona), located in the Alt Empordà region, which can be reached "about three hours by train from Barcelona" , as mentioned in The Sun.

Cadaqués, the town that has won Mick Jagger's heart according to The Sun

According to the newspaper, the Rolling Stones frontman was totally captivated when he discovered this small fishing town with white houses and crystal-clear waters. He is not, however, the only celebrity to have travelled there to enjoy all its delights: it has also attracted other celebrities such as Shakira, Andrés Velencoso, Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa.

This picturesque spot on the Costa Brava has for decades attracted artists for its stunning beaches and natural scenery: more than 60 artists live there and exhibit their work to tourists, according to The Sun.

Cadaqués is one of the most beautiful towns in Catalonia
Cadaqués is one of the most beautiful towns in Catalonia

Among the artists there years ago was Salvador Dalí , one of the main reasons why tourism to this village in the eastern part of the peninsula has grown in recent years. The life and work of the artist from Figueres is directly linked to Cadaqués, as the painter decided to take up residence there for more than half a century.

The artist's house in Port Lligat is one of the great attractions that The Sun highlights in this article for those who want to visit the area. Now, what was once Dalí's home has become a museum open to the public , offering all kinds of information about the painter's career and the connection of his work with every nook and cranny of this small, Catalan town.

Yet this is not the only charm that Cadaqués, which currently has fewer than 3,000 inhabitants , has to offer tourists. The old quarter of the town offers an impressive atmosphere of whitewashed streets and the vestiges of a medieval wall that no longer exists, where the Baluard watchtower still stands.

Cadaqués Cove, in Gerona
Cadaqués Cove, in Gerona

The municipality of Girona also stands out for its unique and near-heavenly beaches. It has 26 beaches and 11 coves , as well as being located very close to the Cap de Creus Natural Park, the place where the first rays of dawn in Spain appear. The Sun, for example, recommends places like the Platja Gran or the Platja del Ros , two of the most popular beaches in the area and a must for any visitor.

Where it is and how to get to Cadaqués by public transport

The article in The Sun also highlights among its many peculiarities the complicated road access to get to Cadaqués. The town has only one road in and out, which complicates getting around the town, especially during the summer. At this time of year, the police usually intervene to regulate visitor access.

If you want to go from Barcelona to Cadaqués, you can travel by taxi, bus, train or car .

When travelling by car, take the toll motorway or the dual carriageway. The distance between Barcelona and Cadaqués is about 100 kilometres , so it will take you about two hours by road to reach the town.

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