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Earn 300 euros a day eating burgers... restaurant chain in Spain launches tasty job offer

Earn 300 euros a day eating burgers... restaurant chain in Spain launches tasty job offer

Grillaera, with branches in Malaga city and Algeciras (Cadiz), has launched a curious promotion that is getting people talking

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Friday, 10 May 2024, 16:48


Earning a good salary and having a comfortable job is one of the most recurrent aspirations of any person, and these two goals can now become reality thanks to a curious promotion launched by the Grillaera fast food chain. The branch of the famous hamburger restaurant in the province of Cadiz will soon be launching a new menu, which is why it has decided to choose one person to try all the new dishes. The unusual thing is that this person will receive 300 euros a day just for being able to eat between three and four burgers a day.

How to apply?

Those interested should access the official website of Grillaera . Once there, they must fill in a form specifying their personal details, contact details, and the most important section: the applicant must indicate why he/she should be chosen for the position. In addition, they must attach a video that they have shared on social media talking about this promotion. Once this has been done, click 'I'm in'. After this, the franchise will receive the request and will choose the lucky winner.

What is Grillaera?

Grillaera is a restaurant with a quirky and different style. In addition to its menu, based mainly on American-style food, where the hamburgers stand out, one of the main hallmarks of the brand is that the waiters who serve the food are dressed as famous characters from horror films.

Where Grillaera is located in Andalucía

This restaurant chain has two outlets in Andalucía: in Malaga city and Algeciras (Cadiz). In the case of Algeciras, the restaurant is located in the Plaza de Andalucía shopping centre, on Avenida Blas Infante. It is open seven days a week from 1pm until 4.30pm, and from 8pm until midnight.

The Malaga city branch is in Calle Kandinsky, 10, Puerto de la Torre and keeps the same hours.

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