The house where the deceased elderly woman was found R. A.
Alleged murderer in Spain lived in same house as her mother's corpse for six days

Alleged murderer in Spain lived in same house as her mother's corpse for six days

The prosecution alleges the accused, 45, beat her elderly mother, bit her all over her body and left her to die on the floor of her bedroom

Alberto Arce


Tuesday, 30 April 2024, 17:04


The last hours of A. R., the 82-year-old resident of Ciudad Naranco who was allegedly murdered by her own daughter on 10 September last year, were truly horrifying, a court in Spain has heard.

According to the public prosecutor's office, the suspect, 45-year-old E. M. R. N., bit and then beat the octogenarian all over her body with a blunt object. Still alive, she then dragged her mother through the corridor of the house and left her to die, lying on the floor of her room covered with several blankets and a sheet. She then remained locked in the house for six days next to her mother's corpse until, on the arrival of National Police officers, alerted by a call from a travel agency worker who was unable to contact them, she threw herself out of the window.

The details were read out last week by the public prosecutor's office in Asturias at the Court of Oviedo. The public prosecutor's office claimed the defendant, who has been left paraplegic after injuries sustained when she fell from the fifth floor of her home, and her mother lived together under complicated circumstances. "She frequently argued with her, shouted at her, insulted her and belittled her, a situation that worsened with the death of her father in July 2023," the court heard.

On 10 September, the suspect had another argument with her mother in the living room of the house. "With the intention of ending her life," the public prosecutor's office claimed, E. M. R. N. "began to hit her roughly all over her body with a blunt object" and also bit her in different parts of her body when the octogenarian was still alive and lying on the floor in order to "deliberately increase her pain" and suffering, the court was told.

A. R. suffered numerous injuries, but was still alive. In an unconscious state, her daughter dragged her down the corridor to the bedroom, where she left her on the floor, naked and covered with several blankets and a sheet, and left her to die without giving her any help, the court heard.

E. M. R. N. then remained locked in the house with her mother's corpse until 15 September. It was 4.15pm when several National Police patrols went to the house. A worker at a travel agency had alerted police, since the mother and daughter were supposed to be on holiday the previous day, but the hotel at the destination reported they had not checked in. When officers arrived at the house and called out their names, the woman tried to die by suicide and plunged out of the window into the courtyard below, the court heard.

Authorities broke down the door and found the body of the elderly woman. The prosecutor claimed the suspect suffers from a mental disorder which could have led her to committing the crime. However, she has been in pre-trial detention without bail since 27 September. The seven siblings of the deceased are only claiming for burial expenses, some 3,196 euros, which has already been deposited by the accused.

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