The best – and worst – airlines as rated by flight passengers

The best – and worst – airlines as rated by flight passengers

The survey is based on the experience of almost 20,000 travellers from 11 different countries, according to Spain's OCU consumers association



Friday, 21 April 2023, 18:18


Spain's Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) has published a satisfaction survey based on the 37 most popular airlines. The survey is based on the experience of almost 20,000 users from 11 different countries "to find out which airlines are the most appreciated, the ones that have the most satisfied travellers for their punctuality, service and comfort," the OCU said.

According to the report, 78% travelled for leisure, while only 15% travelled for work. In addition, two out of three users fly from June to October, with September being the month in which most people travel (21%). The preference for online purchase is also interesting: 64% of users buy their tickets online, usually on the airline's website.

Best airlines

The punctuality of the flights, service of the staff, comfort and facilities both when buying a ticket online and during the trip itself were among the factors in the assessment. According to the OCU the best airlines are Luxair, Emirates and Qatar Airways, and Binter Canarias. These airlines were praised by passengers for "the professionalism of staff on board, the good experience during boarding or the ease of checking in at the airport".

Among the worst rated companies are two Irish companies, Aer Lingus and Ryanair, as well as Wizzair. Passengers said these airlines are "weighed down by deficiencies in service and poor punctuality".

Spanish airlines

Among the Spanish airlines, in addition to Binter Canarias, Air Europa, Iberia Express and Iberia are among the 20 best. Volotea ranks in the middle of the table, while Vueling Airlines is among the companies with the lowest ratings mainly due “to the price of the ticket and problems with luggage, as well as low satisfaction with the punctuality of its flights," the OCU said.

The survey also points out that one in four flights experienced problems of some kind and that arrival delays, which affected 19% of those surveyed by the OCU, were the most frequent problem experienced by passengers, followed by cancellations with rebooking (4%). Other less frequent incidents are those related to lost or damaged baggage (2%), missed connecting flights (2%) as well as overbooking (1%) and denied boarding (1%).



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