Sánchez in parliament this Wednesday morning. Efe
Spain's prime minister to consider standing down after wife placed under investigation

Spain's prime minister to consider standing down after wife placed under investigation

In a letter to the citizens of Spain, Pedro Sánchez says he is cancelling his agenda until Monday to reflect, due to the "attacks" and "harassment" from right wing groups following corruption allegations

Paula de las Heras

Wednesday, 24 April 2024, 20:11


The future of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez at the helm of the Spanish government was left in the air on Wednesday evening after he said in a letter posted on X that he needed to reflect on whether it was worth staying in the job. The move comes after his wife, Begoña Gómez, was put under investigation following allegations of influence peddling and corruption in business.

"I need to pause and reflect," he said. "I need to answer the question as to whether it is worth it," he wrote. He said that the right and far-right wing groups were intent on creating a political mire and he needed to decide "whether I should continue at the head of the government or give up this high honour".

A Madrid court opened the investigation after Manos Limpias, an organisation described as a pseudo-trade union, reported Gómez for alleged influence peddling and corruption due to business links with a firm that had received government contracts.

In his letter Sánchez said that the allegations were based on reports in "ultraconservative" media outlets and that she was taking legal action against "false" claims.

He accused Spain's right wing political groups of a strategy designed to "harass" and "bring down" the couple that has being going on for months.

He said that he was "deeply in love" with his wife who had to live with "mud being slung at her day after day".

Sánchez has cancelled his agenda until Monday 29 April, when, he says, he will announce his decision.

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