What was left of the dog, Samba.
Spanish hunter claims wolves killed his dog in the middle of a hunt

Spanish hunter claims wolves killed his dog in the middle of a hunt

The man is calling for greater control of wild wolves in the area where the attack took place

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Friday, 26 January 2024, 11:34


A hunter has claimed a pack of wolves killed his dog during a hunt in the north of Spain.

Miguel Álvarez Menéndez, a resident of Quirós, was hunting in Teverga in Asturias last Saturday about 10am when two two dogs chased after a wild boar while the third, Samba, a four-year-old bloodhound, seemed to stray from the chase.

"I approached the area and was calling her, but she wasn't moving. As she was new and the collar wasn't very tight, I thought maybe she had lost it," he said. At one point he detected that the collar had changed position.

But as Menéndez approached the collar on the ground he realised the hound had been eaten. "I think the wolves must have killed her at first and when they heard me they left with the body in their mouth," he said.

He reported the bizarre case to the area ranger: "He told me that there was nothing he could do, that it was the law of life, that as the dog was in the mountains there was always that risk. It doesn't seem normal to me that at 10am in the middle of a hunt something like this should happen."

Six years ago he claimed wolves had killed another dog, and that he filed a report, but "they don't compensate you for hunting dogs, only sheepdogs". Despite this, he said he will make another report and send it to the regional government. "They are the ones who know and are paid for reasonable animal control; I don't want them to wipe out the species, but I do want there to be some safety," he added.

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