Outdoor work will be banned on days of extreme heat. SUR / Video: Atlas

Spanish government says it will ban outdoor work if there are weather alerts for extreme heat

Deputy prime minister Yolanda Díaz, said the legislative change will be made when there is a red or amber warning for high temperatures, decreed by the state weather agency Aemet

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Wednesday, 10 May 2023


Certain legislative changes, such as banning outdoor work, will come into effect during episodes of extreme high temperature alerts, the Spanish government has announced.

On a visit to Alcorcón to support the leader of Podemos in Madrid and candidate for mayor of the town, Jesús Santos, on Wednesday 10 May the deputy prime minister Yolanda Díaz told media outdoor work would be prohibited when there is a red or amber alert, decreed by state weather agency Aemet, for days with extremely high temperatures.

When questioned about the extraordinary Cabinet meeting that will take place on 11 May to address measures against the drought, the Minister of Employment hinted there would be regulatory changes to prevent occupational hazards during heat waves.

She explained that for the moment it is not clear whether this change would get the green light immediately or in the following days. But the deputy prime minister stressed it is necessary to incorporate mandatory measures for the work force amid high temperatures and the harsh effects of climate change.

Díaz said there had already been incidents involving outdoor cleaning operatives working in extremely high temperatures this year.

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