Spanish Friday: what is it and when is it?

The retail event will soon be held for the first time in both large stores and small shops with the aim of promoting products made in Spain


In a similar vein to the hugely popular Black Friday, Spanish Friday will be held for the first time in Spain to to publicise and promote products made in Spain.

To be held on 9 December, the initiative is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, with more than 500 companies pledging to reduce the price of their Spanish products. Among the partaking companies are Glovo, Ruavieja, Correos, and Mahou.

Ignacio Suárez-Zuloaga, director of the magazine España Fascinante, and one of those who have taken the project forward, said that the goal is to get more than 1,000 companies to join in this first edition. He is optimistic about the future.

The date chosen – Friday 9 December 9 – is just two weeks after Black Friday, on 25 November. Suárez-Zuloaga said the reasoning is "to take advantage of or reuse Black Friday campaigns by brands and to be able to extend or redo creatives".

Discounts will be applied across a range of brands and will include household, fashion, and food products among others. The event will be held from small stores to large supermarkets.

"The main idea is that it will be a movement that will be repeated every year and will support the Spanish designation of origin," Suárez-Zuloaga said.