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Survey claims 30 per cent of Spanish citizens have cancelled their holidays due to inflation

The economic situation and rising prices have led another 57 per cent to cut short their length of stay and more than half are looking for cheaper accommodation


Forty per cent of Spanish citizens who took part in a survey by the market research platform Appinio said they have had to postpone their summer holiday plans because prices have risen so much. The situation has led 57 per cent to reduce the length of their stays and 30% cancelled altogether, and Appinio says that more than half of travellers are looking for cheaper accommodation because of the way prices have increased in recent weeks.

Of those surveyed, 24% said they were confident that they will get away during the first two weeks of August, although they are going for different lengths of time: 34% were planning to stay for six to eight days and 30% for two to five days, while some (2%) have opted for nothing more than a day trip.

Most will be staying in Spain (79%) although 7% said they plan to go to a country outside Europe. The most popular ‘sun and sand’ destinations in Spain are Andalucia (31%), Valencia (23%), Catalonia (14%), Galicia (13%) and the Canary Islands (12%).

In terms of accommodation, 53% said they prefer to stay in a hotel, and 6% would rather stay in a caravan or motorhome.

The effect of inflation

Inflation has a major influence on people’s holiday plans. Although many in Spain have decided to go somewhere this summer now the restrictions have been lifted, not everyone can afford the same. The survey shows that 24% planned to spend 51-70 euros a night on accommodation, while 13% didn’t want to spend more than 30 euros.

Although 18% said they have a household income of 1,001 to 1,500 euros, 40% had been obliged to postpone their holidays because prices have gone up so much. In other cases (54%) they still plan to go, but are looking for cheaper places to stay, and 61% have decided to use their own car to travel to their destination, despite the fact that for 45% the increasing cost of fuel has had an important impact on their transport plans.

However, 63% said they have been cutting back on their expenditure so they can go on holiday. Bars and restaurants (77%) and clothes (62%) are the main items they have given up so they can enjoy a few days away.