Passengers walking on a platform at the Malaga train station. / MIGUE FERNÁNDEZ

Spain's population grew by 50,000 in 2021, with Malaga province seeing the highest growth

Official data reveals that the country's population is trending upwards once again after a hiccup in 2020


Spain's population figures returned to growth territory in 2021, with the country gaining a total of 50,490 inhabitants, according to official data.

The figures came after a drop in registered residents in 2020 when Spain lost over 106,000 people, in large part due to deaths caused by the Covid-19 pandemic or the some 26,000 foreign residents returning to their country of origin. However, last year proved to be a hiccup in the country's population growth, which has been on an upwards trend since 2016.

Malaga was the fastest-growing province in Spain for the second year running, with 20,652 more inhabitants, an increase of 1.22 per cent.

Foreign presence

The return to positive numbers is thanks in part to fewer deaths with the Covid vaccine roll out and mostly because foreigners once again view Spain as an attractive place to live.

A total of 72,410 foreigners registered on local town hall censuses in 2021, of whom 59,010 came from outside the EU while the remaining 13,400 were natives of EU countries.