King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia arrive at Westminster Abbey.

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King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia arrive at Westminster Abbey. Reuters

Spain's King Felipe and Queen Letizia, elegant among royals at the coronation of Charles III

The monarchs arrived with the first foreign royal guests, Felipe VI in military uniform and Letizia in a fuschia suit

Laura González

Saturday, 6 May 2023, 13:25


King Felipe VI Queen Letizia joined other foreign royals at Westminister Abbey in London this Saturday for the coronation of King Charles III. They arrived at 11am from the Spanish embassy in Belgrave Square, their official residence when in London.

The king and queen were seated with members of other royal families from around the world, in front of the representatives of the Commonwealth and heads of state.

Felipe VI attended the ceremony in military uniform while Letizia chose a fuschia suit and original fascinator.

The couple in London on Friday evening. Reuters

The Spanish couple attended the welcome reception on Friday evening given by King Charles for members of foreign royal families.

The couple arrived separately. Felipe flew in to London from Lugo, where he had attended an event, and Letizia travelled from Madrid. For the reception the queen wore a pistachio green dress by Victoria Beckham, a gesture towards British fashion.



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