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Spain's Cepsa snaps up low-cost fuel station chain Ballenoil

Spain's Cepsa snaps up low-cost fuel station chain Ballenoil

The energy giant, which will keep Ballenoil's brand, business model and prices, will exceed 2,000 service station locations in the Iberian market following the deal



Monday, 13 November 2023, 16:36


Cepsa will take over low-cost fuel station chain Ballenoil in a major expansion deal for the energy giant in Spain.

Following the acquisition, which is still being finalised, Cepsa will occupy the more than 220 locations across the country run by Ballenoil.

The company will maintain the Ballenoil brand, as well as its business model and current structure. The Ballenoil service station network will develop a growth plan to reach 500 stations by 2027. Cepsa also aims to make Ballenoil the benchmark for sustainability in the low-cost fuel market by offering electric recharging points and incorporate the sale of biofuels.

Pierre-Yves Sachet, director of mobility and new commerce at Cepsa, said: "Our objective is to consolidate Ballenoil as a leading brand in the low-cost model and to position it as a benchmark for sustainability in this segment". "We will continue to transform our network of premium stations, where customers will find a range of increasingly decarbonised energy solutions and complementary catering and ultra-convenience services," he added. Cepsa will now occupy 2,000 service stations in the Iberian market.

Revolutionary model

The Ballenoil network of fuel stations in Spain introduced a new and revolutionary business model for automated service stations in the low-cost market. The network is a pioneer in the agile and simple supply of fuels, with 24-hour service, the presence of station staff during business hours and a self-service car wash. To facilitate customer refuelling, Ballenoil has an app, called Ballenoil Easy Fuel, and a service that allows users to identify themselves using their national ID card, called DNI&Go.

Cepsa will maintain its premium model of own-brand service stations, where customers can enjoy a multi-energy and ultra-convenience offer, including additional services such as catering, supermarket, parcel collection or parapharmacy, and will continue to develop its loyalty programme to provide greater discounts and benefits to its customers.

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