Jack Kemp, Richard Lewington, Elisa Vigil Gonzalez and Captain Stephen McGlory in Madrid last week. / SUR

Royal British Legion to open first branch in Madrid

The meeting for the formation of the new branch, which will be the Spain North district's fifteenth, took place in Madrid last week and was attended by RBL members, veterans and serving members of the Armed Forces

Tony Bryant

The Royal British Legion Spain North district has welcomed a proposal to form a new branch in Madrid. This will become the association’s first in the capital and the district’s fifteenth branch.

The meeting for the formation of the new branch took place in Madrid last week and was led by the Spain District North chairman, Jack Kemp. It was attended by Madrid branch chairman, Richard Lewington; Madrid regional parliament member, Elisa Vigil Gonzalez; and Captain Stephen McGlory, defence attaché to the British Embassy in Madrid, along with veterans and serving members of His Majesty’s Armed Forces.

“The formation of the Madrid branch has been a personal resolve for me to bring the same unity that the RBL provides around the world to those who live in this amazing city,” the branch chairman said.

The new branch now awaits its branch number and authorisation from the Legion Membership Council to form the full branch committee. Until then, monthly meetings will be held in The Secret Kingdoms bookshop on the last Sunday of each month.

Anyone interested in joining the branch should contact Richard Lewington at madrid.chairman@rbl.community.

“Service not Self is the powerful motto of the RBL. What this means is doing something that is at odds with what we might want or need. It is putting the good of community and nation above oneself, and the belief that there is a goodness and a rightness in serving others rather than becoming self-indulgent. This branch, when formed, will live up to this motto and honour its role as a centre for all those British service personnel who live in Madrid,” Captain McGlory said.