One of the stations on the affected line. R.C.
Sex on train causes 30-minute delay in Catalonia

Sex on train causes 30-minute delay in Catalonia

A conductor and a woman were caught having sex against the controls of a stationary suburban train which the new driver refused to drive in Tortosa


Friday, 11 August 2023, 18:41

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The delay of a suburban train in Tortosa, Catalonia, this week had an unusual cause: a conductor and a woman having sex in the driver's cabin.

Their passion caused the train bound for Barcelona's Estación de Francia to be delayed for about 30 minutes on Wednesday evening, 9 August.

As reported by the Diari de Tarragona newspaper, the train driver, who was going to start the next service from Tortosa, caught the couple having sex and leaning on the controls of the train.

The driver refused to touch the controls and informed his superiors.

The solution was to bring in a new train, an operation that caused the delay. The original engine remained in Tortosa awaiting cleaning.

Rail operator Renfe has opened a case against the conductor.

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