People walk under the shade of an umbrella through the centre of Madrid. / EFE

July set to end as the second hottest in Spain since records began

The national Met Office, Aemet, is forecasting that August will continue to be hot, opening with another episode of intense heat


The month of July 2022 will "very likely" end as one of the two hottest in Spain since recorsd began in 1961 and the podium place will be disputed with that of 2015, which had an average temperature for the whole of Spain of 25.4 degrees, some 2.5ºC warmer than normal. That is according to the national weather agency, Aemet, which forecasts a hot August which will open with another episode of intense heat.

"With a high probability, this month will exceed July 2006, which is the third warmest so far, with a difference of 1.8C so far this July 2022, which makes it one of the two hottest in the the range", Aemet spokesperson Rubén del Campo told Europa Press.

He went on to predict temperatures above normal can be expected in "practically the entire country during the first fortnight of the month."

Specifically, Aemet forecasts that temperatures in areas of the north and centre of the Peninsula could be between 3 and 6 degrees above normal for the period and for the second fortnight, although the uncertainty increases, it is expected that it will continue warmer than normal, especially in the centre and south of the Peninsula and also in the Mediterranean area.

Del Campo also highlighted that the water of the Mediterranean Sea, currently ​​up to five degrees higher than normal in the western Mediterranean basin, especially between the eastern Balearic Islands and Italy, will continue with this pattern of temperatures at least until mid-August, with surface temperatures between 3 and 4 degrees higher than usual in Mediterranean waters near the coast.