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Search is on to find more than 1,000 hotel and catering professionals across Spain

Search is on to find more than 1,000 hotel and catering professionals across Spain

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Heading into the peak summer season, there are around 150 jobs waiting to filled in the Andalucía region alone on the books of one major recruitment agency

Pilar Martínez


Friday, 9 June 2023, 10:13

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The high summer season in Spain is in full swing and the problem of the lack of hotel and catering professionals remains unresolved. Recruitment and talent management company, Manpower, is helping fill the gaps and is looking for more than a thousand professionals in this sector throughout Spain.

The company points out that Andalucía is one of the regions with the greatest demand. On the Costa del Sol and in Jerez alone the agency has 150 job opportunities for waiters and a dozen cooks.

In a press release Manpower said that "the opportunities are spread throughout the national geography, but the main tourist destinations in Spain stand out, such as the Madrid region, the Canary and Balearic Islands, Catalonia and the Valencian region, along with Andalucía".

Manpower said that among the positions to be filled there are managers, head waiters, waiters and dining room managers, cooks and kitchen assistants as well as vacancies to provide service at trade fairs and congresses. In the latter case, the range is wider, as the company needs staff for information services, catering, room service, kitchen and cleaning.

Manpower explained that the main requirements are to have training in the area of hospitality and tourism or have experience in one of the positions offered and who want to continue developing in this area, as well as languages and skills "related to the development of teamwork, dynamism and flexibility, stress management, good communication skills, customer orientation and conflict resolution skills".

In the Madrid region they are looking for 60 waiters and twenty cooks; in Catalonia they are looking for 80 waiters for catering and 130 for events, as well as fifteen cooks for catering and 35 for events; in the region of Valencia they need 80 waiters and 15 cooks; and in the islands the demand is for 60 waiters, 20 cooks and 25 floor waiters in the Balearic Islands and 60 waiters, ten cooks and thirty floor waiters in the Canary Islands.

"Pay will be according to the sectoral agreement in force in the area and there are opportunities for both part-time and full-time work. There is also the possibility of adjusting shift changes and overtime to allow a good work-life balance," Manpower said.

"Manpower offers, through MyPath, specific training itineraries that will allow selected professionals to improve their employability and accelerate the achievement of their professional goals, enabling them to acquire technical skills to qualify for higher positions in the sector", the company added.

Applicants can find all the information about the positions to be filled at:

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