The dog was terrified and howling when officers arrived at the scene. / guardia civil

Young dog rescued by Guardia Civil after it fell down a six-metre hole

It was located too deep for the officers to climb down without safety equipment, so they made an impromptu harness to reach the 18-month-old German Shepherd called Reina

J.M.L. Toledo

Guardia Civil officers have saved the life of a German Shepherd dog which had fallen down a six-metre-deep hole in an area where there are several Civil War trenches in Seseña, Toledo.

Several people rang the police force station to report that the dog had fallen and was trapped in the Vallegrande area, and officers arranged to meet the owner of the German Shepherd and her young son, both of whom were very upset, at the site.

They could hear the terrified animal howling as they approached. The hole was so deep that it was impossible to climb down without safety equipment, so the officers used some slings they had available to make an improvised harness. One officer then went down, with the assistance of his colleague and a local man, and with their help was able to pick the dog up and get her back to safety.

The dog, who is 18 months old and named Reina, was unhurt by her experience, and later on, when they had calmed down, the owners went to the Guardia Civil station to personally thank the officers who had rescued their beloved pet.