Traffic officers to change. / SUR

Sánchez gets his 2023 budget past MPs by giving controversial concessions

The minority government has had to make deals with pro-independence parties


Pedro Sánchez's coalition secured more chance of survival until the end of the legislative term this week by winning parliament's approval for the government's budget for 2023. It means ministers can carry out their spending plans.

Although MPs voted by a majority for the budget, the minority government had been forced into concessions with Catalan ERC and Basque EH Bildu in order to ensure both those left-wing nationalist parties did not vote the proposals down.

Especially controversial as part of the deals were concessions made to EH Bildu, with historical ties to ETA terrorism. The government has agreed to replace the Guardia Civil traffic force from the Basque-speaking Navarra region with local officers, much to the anger of right-of-centre parties.