Anyone who has bought the products is recommended to return them to the shop. / afp

Kinder eggs salmonella alert expanded as some of the affected batches were distributed to shops in Spain

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition is trying to find out whether there have been any cases in the country and says the affected products have been withdrawn from sale


Following the withdrawal from sale of various Kinder products in the UK due to salmonellosis, the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition is warning that the health alert has been extended to Spain. It says certain batches of the affected Kinder products which have been made in Belgium have already been recalled, but some had already been distributed to other countries including Spain.

In Catalonia, where Kinder’s distribution company is based, the sonsumer authorities have confirmed that the items are being withdrawn and they have notified the governments in other regions so that they can do the same.

These are the affected products:

• Kinder Schokobons 46 gr.

• Kinder Schokobons 125 gr.

• Kinder Schokobons 200 gr.

• Kinder Schokobons 225 gr.

• Kinder Schokobons 500 gr.

• Kinder Schokobons White 200 gr.

• Kinder Sorpresa Maxi FROZEN 100gr.

• Kinder Sorpresa Maxi NATOONS 100gr

• Kinder Sorpresa Maxi NAVIDAD 100 gr.

• Kinder Sorpresa Maxi PITUFOS 100gr.

• Kinder Sorpresa de 6 unidades edición Navidad

• Kinder Happy Moments 133 gr

• Kinder Happy Moments 191 gr.

• Kinder Mix Navidad (varios gramajes).

The company says the other Kinder Sorpresa eggs, in any format, the Kinder Gran Sorpresa and all the other Kinder brands are not affected.

So far, no cases of salmonella associated with the Kinder products have been identified in Spain, but the Agency is continuing to collect information. As a precautionary measure, it recommends that if anyone has the products on the above list they should not consume them, and should return them to the shop where they were purchased. If any of these affected eggs have been eaten and any symptoms of salmonellosis are noticed (mainly diarrhoea and/or vomiting, with fever and headache), it is advisable to consult a doctor

In the UK, the media have said that the products were recalled as a precautionary measure after 63 people became ill, most of them young children.