The ubiquitous bottled gas cylinders seen all over Spain. Guillermo Navarro
Price of butane gas cylinder in Spain falls to its lowest figure in 12 months

Price of butane gas cylinder in Spain falls to its lowest figure in 12 months

The government-fixed price of the standard bottle will drop by almost 5% from this Tuesday, 16 May

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Tuesday, 16 May 2023, 10:28

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The price of the standard butane gas cylinder in Spain will drop by 4.9% as of this Tuesday, 16 May, to 15.96 euros, the lowest price recorded in the last twelve months, according to the resolution published on Monday in the country’s BOE official state gazette.

Specifically, the maximum recommended retail price (RRP) of the regular butane cylinder will drop by 0.83 euros, to 15.96 euros, compared to 16.79 euros in force since 21 March.

The maximum RRP of liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) in containers of 8 to 20 kilograms (the traditional butane cylinder) is reviewed bimonthly on the third Tuesday of the month, by resolution of the General Directorate for Energy Policy and Mines. This revision is calculated based on the cost of raw materials (propane and butane) in international markets, as well as the cost of freight (transportation) and the evolution of the euro-dollar exchange rate.

This latest reduction is mainly due to the sharp fall in the price of raw materials (-25.8%) and, to a lesser extent, to the appreciation of the euro against the dollar (+0.9%), which is cushioned by the existing surplus, which increases from 0.97 euros/bottle to 1.76 euros/bottle. However, the price revision, upwards or downwards, is limited to 5%, accumulating the increase or drop in price for its application in subsequent revisions.

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