The wait outside a post office to collect ballot papers or post a vote. SUR

Postal voting queues form ahead of Spain's 'summer holiday' election

The deadline to drop off a vote at Correos offices was extended until 2pm today amid unprecedented demand



Friday, 21 July 2023, 10:31


Spain holds a general election this Sunday, 23 July. With the conservative Partido Popular (PP) expected to emerge as winner, according to almost all opinion polls, the big unknown, once votes have been counted, is likely to be to what extent the PP will need to pact with hard-right Vox to help it into power.

However, the main issue on many voters' minds this week has been how to get their requested postal vote in on time.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez called the snap election in a summer holiday period for the first time ever, with many due to be away from home on polling day.

As a result, 2.6 million people - well over double the normal amount - have asked for postal votes, which need to be delivered by hand to Correos offices.

Despite postal staff working overtime to deliver ballot papers and collect them again, the deadline to cast a postal vote was extended by a day to 2pm today (Friday 21st) to meet demand.

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