Women spend over 2,000 euros on feminine hygiene products during their fertile lives. / fotolia

Spain plans to reduce IVA sales tax on feminine hygiene products next year

The Spanish government wants the rate to drop from 10% to 4% and says the measure will also apply to condoms and non-medicinal contraceptives


The Spanish government is planning to reduce the IVA sales tax on feminine hygiene products from 10% to 4%, the Minister of Finance and Taxation, María Jesús Montero, has announced. The measure is included in the State Budget for 2023 and, if approved, will come into force next year. As well as sanitary pads, tampons and panty liners, it will be applied to condoms and non-medicinal contraceptives.

High cost

The OCU consumers organisation has explained that the cost to women of purchasing sanitary products is high, amounting to around 2,234 euros during their fertile life. It said it hoped that the reduction in IVA will apply to all such products, but considers that women who are in a vulnerable situation should be able to obtain them free of charge.

Package of measures

When announcing the move, María Jesús Montero said that the overall package of fiscal measures will allow progress to be made towards a fairer taxation system with a higher contribution from the wealthy and large businesses and “surgical” tax cuts for those on low income, the self-employed and small and medium businesses.

The planned measures include a Solidarity Tax which will be applied to people with net assets worth more than three million euros and an increase in tax on capital income of more than 200,000 and 300,000 euros.