One of the puppies facing death
Petition launched to save beagle puppies from death in a Barcelona laboratory

Petition launched to save beagle puppies from death in a Barcelona laboratory

The petition has already received more than 81,000 signatories


Wednesday, 19 January 2022, 10:56


The Vivotecnia laboratory in Barcelona has a history of testing on monkeys and pigs, but the lab’s latest handling of an experiment testing drugs on 38 beagles has caused public outcry.

The Fundació Parc Científic de Barcelona, which is part of the University of Barcelona, contracted the lab in November 2021 at a cost of 255,648 euros to test an antifibrotic drug on 38 beagle puppies, a breed commonly used in these types of experiments, for 28 days.

The experiment aims to discover what amount of the drug is enough to kill half of the puppies. But the fate of the remaining puppies is equally grim, they will be put to death when the experiment ends on 24 January even if they are in good health.

Activists say this against European laws and are calling on the lab to find adopted homes for the dogs instead of killing them.

“Why are beagles used in experimentation? They are considered manageable, docile and they never bite. They are excellent life companions and their kindness is taken advantage of,” the petition said.

The petition also urges individuals to contact the University of Barcelona and the lab directly to help save the puppies from “execution” on 24 January. As of 19 January, the petition has 81,288 signatories.




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